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3d Modeling in Toronto, ON

If you're curious about how your new building in Toronto, ON, will look after construction, get detailed 3-D modelling services from Jonathan Weizel Architect. We're a full-service architectural firm that uses modern industry technologies to provide our clients with building designs that will exceed their expectations. Whether you're a professional builder or a private citizen, we provide the same level of dedication on each and every project we design.

Great Client Services

Three-dimensional building design allows us to offer you a realistic representation of your residence or commercial building that's created to scale. This process enables us to work out any unfavourable design aspects before the project begins and will help you identify any features you'd like to add or change. Three-dimensional modelling is also a great way to show investors or potential buyers exactly what the completed construction will look like and how the finished building will fit into its surroundings.

Jonathan Weizel Architect is always looking for innovative ways to beautify the community one project at a time. We're proud of the work we do, and we're pleased to offer assistance to clients in the GTA and beyond. Contact our office today to learn more about the benefits of 3-D modelling.